Jan 18, 2013

Holy cock suck Batman…Apply the Bat-lube to that tight young hot piece of ass Robin! Manville Entertainment parody of the Batman TV series of the 60's will put you in the mood to bang as hard as you can till the point where you will see the words "bang" & "bang harder" appear before your eyes in full 60's Technicolor.

Director Tom Moore gives it to you raw with a spoof of Batman and Robin that is certain to make you tune-in tomorrow at the same Bat time same, Bat channel to make you cum again and again.

A well-hung Batman (Mitch Vaughn) and bubble butt Robin (Dominic Pacifico) have to take it slow before reaching the exploding climax of solving the sexy riddle laid-out by the infamously horny Riddler.

This dynamic tale of deep throating and ass pounding action heats up when Officer Jack Lawrence (John Magnum) and district attorney Harvey Dick (Alessio Romero) attend an exclusive gathering hosted by none other than Bruce Lane and Dick Gayson (Mitch Vaughn and Dominic Pacifico). The gathering soon becomes a seriously hot fuck session between the hot officer of the law and the sexy ass D.A. with the nice strong powerful dick.

While in Commissioner Horndon's office, Batman commands a young, horny and submissive Robin to remain in Gordon's office and to help the commissioner with whatever Commissioner Horndon (Chance Caldwell) tells him.

Robin begins to swallow Horndon's thick tree stump like dick like a true master of the art of cock sucking. Robin, the Boy Wonder, slowly pleasures the sexy mature police commissioner. Horndon fucks Robin's tight bubble ass nice and slow at first and begins to pound the young masked crime fighter atop his desk. Young Robin moans in delightful agony. This ass pounding is enough to make any true bat-viewer explode with ferocious envy.

The outrageously sexy Riddler (Spencer Williams) and Rocco, the evil minion, with the tight sexy body, (Kirk Cummings) solve the age old riddle of how many licks and how long does a tight piece of well lubed ass have to ride that dangerously sexy dick to make the extremely hot Riddler's stiff long hard dick to push out loads of steaming cum.

As the horny Penguin (Bruce Blakheart) and the hot Riddler caress and suck Rocco, his led pipe of a dick springs out of his tight form fitting vinyl briefs. The evil minion quickly succumbs to the wills of the two criminal masterminds and becomes a sexual plaything. The Riddler's dastardly dick penetrates Rocco tight evil ass hole as the voyeur Penguin jerks his hard long throbbing dick while Riddler's cock ploughs the supple young tight bodied minion showing no mercy. Another well-shot ass pounding scene, where the Riddler slams his rock hard cock in Rocco's welcoming hot ass. The sexy nefarious villains shower the minion in a sea of jizz.

Once the erogenous evildoers have been captured, Batman and Robin have a moment alone. The hot and horny heroes deserve a reward and decide to pleasure one another. Batman slowly removes Robin's costume to reveal a very hard, long stiff erect dick that Batman begins to deep throat while slurping the Boy Wonder's hot cock. Robin's tongue glides back and forth on Batman's very tall, very stiff piece of bat-dick.

The two costume crime fighters remove their masks and get down to the serious business of serious fucking. The Boy Wonder surrenders his tight bubble ass to Batman's long thick hot wet tongue. This drives Robin into a sexual frenzy. He begs Batman to fuck him. Batman inserts his hot stiff throbbing bat-dick into Robin's tight asshole and begins to fuck his crime-fighting partner steadily in his young tight hot ass never missing a beat. This dynamic duo knows how to release the frustrations of being hot horny sexy caped crusaders by sucking and fucking until BANG, BOOM and an explosion of cum provides a much needed and well-deserved orgasm.

The hot and horny sexy residents of the city of Gotham can continue to suck, jerk, lick and fuck anyway, anyhow, anytime they damn well please. Thanks to the never ending efforts of the dynamic duo as the pair continue to probe the hot, dark, steamy back alleys in search of hot and horny evil doers ready for a long hot wet tongue lashing and a good pounding by the long stiff throbbing dick of justice.

- L. Emmerson

Vantage Manville Announcement
Oct 2,2012

Vantage Distribution Inks Distribution Deal with New, All-Male Feature Studio,

Manville Productions



September 27, 2012

VAN NUYS, CA — Vantage Distribution has announced a new studio partner for distribution after signing the new Gay studio, Manville Entertainment.  Manville will provide consumers with high-end, all-male releases and will focus its productions on ‘Feature’ parodies. 

The company’s inaugural release, ‘Batman & Robin: A XXX All-Male Parody’, set for an early-November release, will be a send-up of the classic, kitschy 1960’s TV show, and will leave no doubt as to what went on in the bat cave after midnight between the two iconic characters. 

The studio plans follow-up titles within the comic book/superhero genre.  Already in the works as the second feature-length release is the ‘Green Lantern’.  Rumors have already started to circulate within the industry’s gay production circles that ‘Iron Man’, ‘Superman’ and ‘Aquaman’ titles may also be forthcoming in 2013.

Manville studio representative, Austin, commented, “We’re really thrilled to be partnering with Vantage for distribution of our studio’s titles.  Manville will be bringing a high-quality product to the marketplace that I believe fans will embrace not only for the high-end production values, but for the different take that we’ll be offering on the superhero parody genre.

“We’re extremely excited about this business venture with Manville Entertainment.  This studio is really going to blow the industry away with feature films that have been absent from the Gay genre lately,” stated Adam Hasner, VP of Vantage Distribution.  “What comic book fan hasn’t heard the joke about Batman and Robin being gay lovers?!  The double entendres between the pair will provide some strong comedic moments, followed by some super-strength hardcore sex,” Hasner went on to add.


For wholesale inquiries, please contact Adam Hasner at (800) 999-2483, ext. 1228 or adam@vantagedist.comFor additional product information, please visit Vantage Distribution

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